Travel piece or Euro trash?

The reporter who wrote a perfectly horrible review of the Minneapolis scene is acknowledging that he really didn’t spend enough time in the area to know much about the Minneapolis scene.

That was much was certainly obvious in Mark Meadows’ “48 Hours in Minneapolis,” being distributed by Reuters.

10 a.m. – Eat breakfast at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop at the IDS Center on Eighth Street in Minneapolis, which many see as the center of town given the indoor foyer acts as a perfect shelter from the winter cold. Potbelly has a remarkable selection of bacon, sausage and egg combos, hence the name.

If you are there in winter, the IDS Center links to the Skyway system of raised walkways which criss-cross the city and eliminate the need to go out into the cold when shopping or moving around town. The same system is used in St. Paul.

Nothing screams “Minneapolis,” like breakfast at a chain restaurant that started in Chicago, apparently.

It was a pretty predictable review and list of suggestions. A few chain restaurants, the Mall of America, the Mississippi River.

Is that really the Twin Cities? The Chicago Tribune apparently thinks so. It posted Meadows’ story.

In the wake of an outcry from the locals, Meadows took to Twitter to explain himself.

The last sentence on the last Tweet is the closest Meadows came to “Minnesotan.”

Bonus: Here’s a “48 hours in Minneapolis” story that actually has some brains.

  • BJ

    I understand his point, about breakfast. I’m sure he asked the hotel desk, where is a good place to get a quick breakfast. If he stayed at the Marquette, it’s right there. Besides the Burger King or Starbucks in the Barnes and Nobel I don’t know of anything within 2-3 blocks open on Saturday morning. Peter’s Grill was down the road, but sadly that is now closed. Basil’s I suppose (it’s kind of ‘in’ the Marquette), but its not like you can find it without directions (can’t just walk in off the street to get to it).

    • Kassie

      Hell’s Kitchen is two blocks away. There are a lot of places in walking distance including Eat Street and the Mill City Farmer’s Market. If those are too far to walk, there is always Nice Ride.

      • BJ

        I would have never thought of Hell’s Kitchen for breakfast. Me and my suburban mind. Looking up and reading the breakfast menu has made me very hungry.