The garden vandals

The gardening season of 2013 is going to go down as the one in which people sunk to the lowest level possible.

It has become common this year to take flowers, trees, and potted plants from other people who did all the work. Can chaining up flower pots and bushes be far away?

The latest example is, perhaps, the most disgusting one we’ve heard yet. Audrey Kletscher Helbling, who writes the Minnesota Prairie Roots blog, reports today that a thief attacked her hydrangea bush. They didn’t want a fresh bouquet, they just wanted to ruin someone’s garden in Faribault.

The worst part? She was growing the flowers for her daughter’s wedding.

  • Bethjock

    There are a lot a angry people out there. It’s kind of scary sometimes.

  • Josh D.

    Part of my job is doing a lot of landscaping and bed maintenance for an inner ring suburb. We have plants stolen out of the public landscaped areas yearly. Usually (but not always) within a week or two after they’re planted so they’re easier to dig up. At first I was in utter disbelief, now I’ve just learned to accept it.

  • Joanna

    Add to the theft the destruction of my rain garden on two different occasions by crews marking gas lines and installing fiber optic connections for US Internet. I caught the crew foreman in the act of trampling delicate plants. His response? no apology, just “well, I was walking on the mulch.” Mulch is not a sidewalk, dude! the money is not even as valuable to me as the labor and love that went into keeping my baby raingarden alive during the drought last year, only to have people trample through it because they couldn’t be bothered to go around it. *weeps bitter tears*