For the love of ‘The People’s Pug’

Photo/Mary Lucia

I’m not going to post the usual news conversation with Mary Lucia of The Current today. It’s irrelevant compared to the news she delivered during her No Apologies track today, and anyone who’s ever had a love on four legs can understand.

Her dog, Smudge, might be the most famous dog in public radio. Who can forget, for example, the time Smudge, following some surgery for some rear legs that stopped working right, patiently watched her owner at work.


If you follow Mary’s Facebook page, every day Smudge, and her cohort Crash, provided a daily bit of humor by just being themselves: loveable and cute.

Tomorrow, Mary announced today, she’s having Smudge put to sleep. It’s a position many of us have been in because a mistake was made many years ago and dogs were deemed to only live for a few years.

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Mary wrote on her Facebook page this afternoon:

At least once in everyone’s life a person should get EXACTLY what they want. I got just that the day I met this magical little creature. I remember it like it was yesterday, she had been a breeder’s “working girl” and not a family pet. She was sitting in her pen with 4 pups climbing all over her and she just gave me a look like “Mama needs a cocktail, get me the hell out of this brothel” I couldn’t help but feel like I was “rescuing” her from a life she didn’t deserve.

She has been my constant companion for years now and it’s hard to imagine life before Smudge.
Pugs were bred in China as companions, they don’t possess any mad skills. Unless you call snoring or hamming it up for the camera a mad skill. I have made my love for her public so often both on air and online that she has a public figure facebook page. She truly is the People’s Pug. She will always be a part of me and hopefully you too.

If there were justice among our species, humans would be more like dogs. My friend Mary is.