Who’s stealing the planters?

We’re going to be needing a clever nickname for the person who’s running around the Twin Cities stealing people’s garden planters and plants.

Lift Bridge Brewing Co. in Stillwater is the latest victim, but it captured the brazen act on camera.

The shock is not only that she seems to be the grandmotherly type — we can use that theme in her nickname, I suppose — but that she has superhuman strength and doesn’t seem to have any shame at all.

“She must be looking for planters and selling them somewhere — maybe on Craigslist or at some market,” Dan Schwarz, co-founder and CEO of the brewery, told the PiPress. “I think people are really kind of shocked that an older person would do something like that,” Schwarz said. “It’s something that people should know better.”

The Pioneer Press didn’t make the connection to the person who was a subject of a Star Tribune article last week in which residents of the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis have been complaining that someone is digging up their gardens.

The only description of the suspect in that neighborhoos, however is “a female, smoking a cigarette, with an accomplice — a little white dog.”

All of which should inspire a nickname for this thief.

  • andy

    How about “The Backache Burglar”

    Her stealin’ days will be numbered unless she starts lifting with her legs…

  • John Peschken


  • Pat

    How about The Gray Panther?