Who is saying bad things about St. Cloud library officials?

Tracking down leaks? Everyone’s doing it.

The Great River Regional Library system’s board of trustees has voted to spend about $6,000 to get to the bottom of who’s been saying bad things about library management, the St. Cloud Times reports today.

On May 22, a number of fliers were found throughout the second floor public area of St. Cloud Library. The fliers, from a “Suzy Citizen,” criticize management decisions and encourage library patrons to contact the board of trustees about organizational restructuring at Great River.

In a May 24 letter to Great River staff, Spencer Buerkle, president of the board of trustees, wrote that the flier contained confidential information and false and possibly defamatory statements.

Normally, Great River’s administration or its attorney, Tom Jovanovich, would investigate complaints.

But because the flier was critical of administrators, Jovanovich said hiring an outside investigator is advisable.