The Texas filibuster

It’s an old-school filibuster that’s underway in Texas today as a legislator tries to kill an abortion bill by running out the clock in the legislative session.

Unlike Congress, the filibuster that Sen. Wendy Davis of Fort Worth is engaged in actually demands both physical and mental challenges. The rules require her to remain standing, not lean on her desk, take any breaks. She can’t use the restroom and she can’t eat. It also requires her to engage in a debate, as opposed to just reading nonsensical things to kill time.

The Texas Tribune is providing live video coverage.

  • BJ

    when did she start?

    • BJ

      11:18 AM Central

  • Bonnie

    Sure wish Newscut was liveblogging this!

  • DavidG

    I’m really curious, and haven’t seen any answer, but: How would the ” to stand continually without assistance” rule be applied to a Senator that uses a wheelchair or has some other physical disability? Is the Texas legislature is subject to Federal disability laws and must make an accommodation?