The lives well lived

Regular NewsCut readers know how obsessed I am with well-written obituaries. Some of us go through life; others live it, and the well-done final tribute can be a call to recalibrate it.

Today’s Star Tribune obituary of Harold Macoubrey Cragg is a perfect example and not to be missed.

He died late last month at age 91. He couldn’t go to the hospital on his final day, he told his doctor, because he had a tee time. A few minutes later, he was dead.

He flew Corsair fighters in World War II, he took college classes right up to the end, he and his wife were married for 65 years, he delivered Meals on Wheels and along the way he started three businesses.

We get one shot at all of this. And it’s inspiring to read the stories of those who make the most of it. Please continue to pass these sorts of obits along.