Stephen Colbert’s touching tribute to his mother

The word “sincere” and Stephen Colbert are not usually associated with one another, but there isn’t a better way to describe this clip.

Lorna Colbert died last week. Stephen Colbert said this about her in a very good a New York Times profile last year:

“She taught me to be grateful for my life regardless of what that entailed, and that’s directly related to the image of Christ on the cross and the example of sacrifice that he gave us. What she taught me is that the deliverance God offers you from pain is not no pain — it’s that the pain is actually a gift. What’s the option? God doesn’t really give you another choice.”


  • Dave

    I watch Stewart (Oliver) and Colbert most nights. Colbert is unquestionably talented, but the advertising in his show is getting more and more intrusive. The night he talked to Bill Clinton about Twitter was like a 15-minute Twitter advert. Last night I stared at a Cap’n Crunch image for a while as Colbert talked about something. I don’t remember what he talked about, but now I want some Cap’n Crunch. See?

    In my opinion, it kind of ruins the mystique of the show, in that there’s less that’s implied, less that’s intelligent. It’s explicit advertising, even when he does occasionally harp on the products.

    The tribute last night to his mother was unexpected and big-time sincere. Several times there were signs of tears. I really felt for the guy.

  • Just Another Fan

    What great person he is. You could tell the pain was there. The pain will pass then just the wonderful memories, will remain!