Loyal sports fans who beat the traffic

I’ve been a sports fan all of my life, but I still don’t get sports fans.

The other night, for example, I was watching the Indians-Nationals game in which the Indians were leading 2-1 in the top of the 9th. Cleveland’s shaky closer was on for the save.

And fans were leaving.

Fast forward to last night’s NBA game. It’s game six of the NBA finals, and the Miami Heat, who have a bucketload of talent, are trailing the San Antonio Spurs, who are within minutes of winning the NBA championship.

And fans were leaving. (Vine courtesy of Rembert Browne)

The San Antonio Spurs did not win the NBA championship last night. Miami will likely finish them off on Thursday night.

A couple of weeks ago in Boston, the Bruins were down by two goals with a minute left to play in game seven of their NHL playoff series with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Their team obviously finished, fans headed for the exits.

The Boston Bruins currently hold a two-games-to-one lead in their Stanley Cup playoff series with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Who are these fans? The ones that proclaim, “I was with them all the way!” at the championship parade.

  • Matt Black

    I was at the Twins-Tigers game on Sunday and my friend and I were talking about that same thing. While we are both Tigers fans and the game was going well for us, it’s not like our bullpen is known for holding a lead, especially a two run lead, yet there people were, streaming for the exits. My friend put it best when he said “You paid for a ticket, why wouldn’t you stay and enjoy the entire game that you paid for?”.

    • That’s exactly right. I always say, ‘where is it you have to go?’ I also stay after Timberwolves games (season ticket holder), generally until the ridiculous second floor lines are gone (I hate lines).

      I go to the games to get rid of the tension of having to be somewhere, why would I want to add to it by having to try to beat traffic?

      Also, I stay and watch ALL of the credits when we go to the movies.

      • Chuck

        My wife and I also stay for all the credits after a movie. The music is often a fun treat, plus once in a while, something happens in the credits that is a surprise–a gag reel or a short, short. It also provides some time for us to discuss what we just saw, what we liked about it, disliked, and so on, while it’s still very fresh.

        Staying for the end of a sports game is also called for. Why not? If everyone else is also leaving early to “beat the traffic,” then the traffic will be as bad then as if everyone waited until the end of the game to leave.

  • Moffitt

    You recently asked “what do musical artists owe an audience?” Turning that on its head, what do sports fans owe the athletes?

  • BJ

    Did my comment get removed or is disqus still acting up?

    • I don’t see anything in the queue from you and I didn’t remove anything.

      • BJ

        I mentioned the professional soccer team Minnesota United FC http://mnunitedfc.com/ and the win they had in the last 30 seconds of the match 2 weeks ago. Knowing your feelings on soccer I wasn’t so sure you hadn’t removed it 🙂 (ding ding joke alert)

  • Dave

    For one thing, you assume those people were there to watch the game. Do you think that’s why Target Field has been so financially successful? Because the Twins have a competitive team? (They don’t.)

    They may have been leaving because, hey, the game will be over soon. Let’s get out while we can.

    I stopped going to St Paul Saints games in part because the place isn’t about baseball. I love baseball. What I don’t love is a guy in a pig suit shoving his crotch in my face. But a lot of people apparently do like that — probably the same people who may not notice the baseball game happening on the field.

    • The cost of playoff tickets makes it unlikely that the people leaving were just there to be seen being there. They were there to see their team win. They were bummed their teams weren’t going to win. So they left. Then their teams won.

    • tboom

      Of course the baseball is better, but I fear the Twins are going the route of the Saints. Loud music, kiss cams, racing corporate mascots, and a as many distractions as the marketing department can imagine. They

      • tboom

        They have no confidence in their product.