Adios, Talk of the Nation

Tomorrow is the last day for NPR’s Talk of the Nation. NPR is dropping the show and getting out of the midday talk business.

So Highlights, the kids’ magazine, dedicated a special edition of its classic game to spot the differences in two drawings. Host Neal Conan had told a Highlights staffer last year that he always had a hard time with the task.


The first time Highlights was a subject on Talk of the Nation was back in 1996, when Ray Suarez hosted the show. Back then, it was one topic per hour, and to listen to a program archive, you needed RealPlayer. It’s a reminder that the media and technological world changes fast, making Highlights’ longevity all the more impressive.

  • KTFoley

    Could you please pass this question on to the right technical wizards?
    The post on the DOMA decision is the only one of the last 25-30 where the video is automatically running (and looping continuously) as soon as the page loads. It’s also the only one post where I can’t get to the comments section — only the Disqus icon for “loading” displays. (This is on a Dell laptop running internet explorer.)
    Is there a way to stop this — or to insert the video differently — so that the other parts of the page will work?