The questions left behind

It’s beyond sad to even contemplate what would make a young high school couple hold hands and jump to their deaths from the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, but we are forced to do that today with the apparent suicides this morning.

The Star Tribune says Erika Borgstrom, a sophomore from Roberts, and Dakotah Coach, a senior, apparently took their own lives.

On Facebook, Central St. Croix news posted photos of both last week. Both had been missing since Friday. Erika was last seen at Brickhouse Music in River Falls. Dakotah was last seen in his front yard cleaning his trumpet on Friday evening, according to Central St. Croix News.



  • Jennifer

    I didn’t know these two beautiful teens but I can say that this has hit our community hard!!! We are praying for their families, friends, classmates and the whole community during this time.

  • Bob Moffitt

    Oh, no. Beyond sad is right.

  • Cara

    That’s heartbreakingly sad.

  • karie

    These two were great students and friends….we will miss them a lot. pray for our school as everyone deals with this……

  • Lois

    Dear teens, please do not receive in your mind or heart that suicide by any means helps or solves a problem. Your life is not your own, your body belongs to the One who made you, Who formed you in your mother’s womb and keeps you. You are precious to Him and to many of the people He’s placed around you, who form your real family. Don’t be deceived into destroying your body or the future God has planned for you. If you are thinking along those lines, TALK TO SOMEONE about it right away. Intervene, Lord! Bring comfort and hope and peace to sad, lonely and hurting hearts in Jesus’ Mighty Name!