Sabrina’s best day ever

The instructions for Google’s Doodle contest was to illustrate your “best day ever.”

That part was easy for Sabrina Brady of Sparta High School in Wisconsin, who won — probably handily — Google’s annual contest for school-age artists.

Her doodle is featured on Google today.

Sabrina Brady - WI.jpg

“When I was 10 years old, my dad came home from war,” she wrote in her entry. “This was my best day ever.”

He was deployed for 18 months.

She will get a $30,000 scholarship from Google, and the thanks of a grateful nation.

Update This is the second win in a row for Wisconsin. Last year’s winner — Dyland Hoffman — came from Caledonia, WI. He was a second grader.


  • ce

    Dusty in the office all of a sudden.

  • Judy Rahn

    I saw the Google Doodle early this morning, and didn’t click on the meaning, then read this on It’s very touching

  • davidz

    Another example of why I read NewsCut: Bob finds all sorts of good things on the web; some make me think twice about something, some make my eyes water a bit, just about everything is worth reading.

    I use the auto-search feature in my browser, so I never see the google doodles unless someone else points me to them. Convenient, yes. Maybe not always the best way to do things though.

  • Josh

    Was last year’s theme the same? I want to meet this second grader who is a pirate.

  • Justin H

    Minnesota connection: Sabinra will be attending the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in the fall.

    She’ll drain that $30k scholarship with one year of tuition.