Rare WWII German plane to be raised from watery grave

The Royal Air Force museum in Britain is planning to raise a World War II-era airplane from the floor of the English Channel. This is a nice BBC report on the “der Fliegende Bleistift” (German for the flying pencil), which includes an interview with the last-surviving pilot of that type of airplane.

Gerhard Krems told the BBC:

“It made a fantastic impression on me in comparison to the other planes. It looked somehow different, and I only later realised why. It was agile, it was very slender and it was elegant, really elegant. But you only realised quite how elegant when you saw it in the sky. …”

Read the whole story at the BBC.co.uk.

  • Robert Moffitt

    A post on aviation? For a moment I thought Bob was back in the saddle. Interesting story, Nate.