Live-blogging the same-sex marriage debate in the Senate

  • This is cool. I think it is everyones right to pursue happiness. If getting married is what will make same sex couples happy, then so be it. By religions definition of marriage men should trade livestock to his prospective father – in – law. A woman raped is to marry her rapist when he pays her father for her. That is your biblical version of marriage.

  • Bonnie

    Thanks Bob. This is a great service.

  • Drae

    The live blogging’s been great, Bob. You and the rest of the MPR News team have done a good job. I couldn’t have kept up with the latest at work if it hadn’t been for MPR.

  • KTFoley

    Thank you for the coverage, Bob and the MPR news team.

  • Drae

    OK, so now I’m crying at my desk because I’m just so proud of our state. Hooray!

  • Christin

    Thank you to Bob and all the MPR folks for live blogging. Very helpful!