Here’s looking at us

Space isn’t going to be anywhere near as interesting as it’s been for the last six months once Cmdr. Chris Hadfield returns from the International Space Station. He’s picked up 750,000 followers on his Twitter account, and today he participated in “Music Monday,” in which he led Canadian schoolchildren in a sing-along in support of music education in schools.

Hadfield has become a space superstar largely by not emphasizing what’s “out there,” but, instead, what’s right here on Earth.

On Saturday, he sent this picture of the Twin Cities.


Here’s the annotated version (click image for a larger version):


For the rest of this week, Hadfield is exploring one of the human senses each day. Today: hearing.

Hadfield returns to Terra Firma a week from today.

  • joetron2030

    I loved his video on what happens if you wring out a water-soaked towel in zero gravity. I was mesmerized by that. Which reminds me, I completely forgot to show that to my kids. Thanks for the reminder, Bob!