Flag v. freedom

Irony, anyone?

In South Carolina, a school teacher has taken a payoff to be quiet and go away after being fired for stomping on an American flag.

Scott Compton was making a point to his class when he he stomped on the flag last December: He had the freedom to do so. It’s not the flag, after all, it’s what it represents.

Then the school boss moved to fire him.

It’s a perfect test case for the state over the rights of teachers, but the local newspaper reports that Compton has been allowed to “resign,” getting $85,000 to do so.

In a statement through his lawyers, Compton said the act wasn’t mean to be disrespectful, but intended to show students that the nation is much more than its symbols.

The takeaway suggests just the opposite, however.

  • Greg W


    This perfectly ties into the discussions on this blog about supposedly patriotic people completely disregarding the Flag Code in all sorts of exciting ways.

  • Bob Collins

    And in THAT category, check the third or fourth page of the A section of the Star Tribune today for the picture of the protester in Worcester Ma., wearing the flag as if it were a blanket.

  • Greg W


  • Jeff

    I skimmed through some of the 950+ comments on the source’s website and didn’t see one commenter defending the guy. The commenters don’t get it either. Sad.

  • Jim G

    Ironic? This is South Carolina. The first state to fire upon the Union Flag.

  • Cynthia H

    Risky business in a nation where the flag has been given religious status.