Dispatches from Planet Dysfunction

If you’re looking for evidence that the end of civilization is at hand, a brawl at a kindergarten graduation should fit the bill.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “the fight started just before 11 a.m. between two rival teen girls, and spread to adults who had come to the kindergarten promotion ceremony. The ceremony had concluded before the fight began. The two girls attended the graduation.”

Eight people were arrested.

No kindergarteners — hereafter referred to as “the adults” — were involved.

  • Michele

    Is this supposed to be some low rent version of the excessive graduation party you wrote about yesterday?

    Instead of spending thousands to host a fancy event at the graduate’s home the partiers spend thousands on lawyers to get them sprung from the hoosegow?

    In both cases…Why, oh why????

  • Bob Collins

    100 points to Michele for using the word “hoosegow.”