Bad week. Good people

There are so many worthy candidates in the running for this week’s most memorable person recognition: the police and firefighters in Saint Paul who dug with their hands to try to save the kids who were buried by the landslide in the city, even though the land behind them could kill them at any moment.

And, of course, there are the teachers in Moore, Oklahoma, who shielded the children from a tornado.

There’s Zach Sobiech, the young Stillwater musician who lost his battle with cancer, but not before showing people how to live and how to die.

There’s also the 7 year old who wanted to raise money for Boston Marathon victims by having a pajama day at school. Now she has a dream of seeing a young victim of the attack dance again.

But we’re going to go with Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, who jumped off a bus to come to the aid of a soldier who had been attacked — and as it turned out, killed — by terrorists in the heart of London.

That’s when a man with a bloody machete appeared over her. He declared that he had started a holy war.

“Well, you’re going to lose,” she said.