You are Editor: Which picture?

There was a somewhat interesting difference in the coverage of Byron David Smith yesterday, the man who allegedly shot and killed two teenagers who broke into his home last Thanksgiving.

Every picture tells a story. Apparently his attorneys are well aware of that.

This is the picture that mostly accompanied previous stories about Smith, who was indicted on first-degree murder charges this week.


It’s the mugshot from the Morrison County sheriff’s office. It’s not flattering, as mugshots seldom are.

But something changed this week. This is the photo that accompanied many stories.

The picture was distributed by Meshbesher & Associates, Smith’s attorneys.

The two pictures presented a dilemma for news organizations.

MPR and the Star Tribune went with the new one. The Associated Press went with the old one. The Pioneer Press went with the old one, in addition to images of the deceased.

You are editor: Which picture do you use?