Things that worked this week: the Internet

Internet, you are so fine.

Today’s affirmation comes from — surprise! — Boston, where Richard Whalley saw this photo on Reddit.


It’s a horrible way, really, to find out your father has been badly hurt in a bombing.

“There was a possibility my mom was dead,” Whalley tells ABC News. “I knew she was older and pretty close to the blast.”

The hospitals had no record of either elder Whalley, so he posted on his Facebook page.


Within 10 minutes, people on Facebook had made enough calls to locate both mother and father. They were in two separate hospitals.

They’ve had about a dozen surgeries and it’ll be a long recovery. So his friends at MIT have set up an online fundraising site to raise $100,000 to help. So far, they’ve raised $50,000.

  • Mark Gisleson

    Are you telling us that U.S. citizens injured in a terrorist bomb blast are responsible for all their own medical bills?

    If hospitals can charge thousands of dollars for an ambulance, what price will they charge for an emergency wheelchair ride to the hospital?

    Imagine waking up in a hospital after a terrorist bomb blast and finding out that not only are you missing a leg, but you owe your entire net worth and then some to the hospital which has been giving you $10 aspirins and $50 bags of saline solution. This is the kind of world Corporate America wanted, this is the world we now live in, a world where the victims of terrorism must rely on charity lest they go straight from the hospital to a debtors prison.