The weekly Quiz

  • Justin

    Blecch. Only 5 out of 10. This was a rough week for keeping up with what’s going on.

    Keep up the good work, Bob. I love reading the blog.

  • Matt B

    A 9 this week. Much better than last time.

  • Dimitri D

    8/10. Stupid dark matter…

  • vjacobsen

    I got a 7. I feel OK about the questions I missed, though.

  • Julia

    8 of 10! I think that’s the best I’ve ever done.

  • Josh

    Participation trophy!

    I haven’t been paying attention to the news as much as normal this week.

  • davidz


    Thanks Bob. You’ve mentioned that the quiz takes a lot of time to get together. I appreciate the effort.

  • James

    5 out of 10, great if I was batting in MLB!

  • BJ


  • Rick Mons

    A 7 which is the story of my baseball career: never hit for power and spray singles!

  • Melissa

    6/10…and here I thought I was paying attention this week!

  • Chris N.

    9/10. Happy about the score, guilty about spending so much time this week reading online news…

  • V

    Darn iPhone overly touchy touch screen cost me the perfect score! Amy Farrah Fowler!

  • Scott Wooldridge

    Fairview is a health system, not a hospital. Everyone gets a bonus point.

  • Bob Collins

    // Amy Farrah Fowler!

    I was wondering if anyone was going to catch that.

  • Jim Payne

    I seriously fell for the Amy name recognition trap.

  • Jim G

    6/10. My excuse: I’m not cheating, and didn’t read the questions twice.

  • Bonnie

    8 this week…only 5 last week. thanks Bob.