The Red River by air

It’s only a matter of time before every newsroom is going to have a drone — or at least a radio-controlled helicopter and a GoPro camera.

That appears to be one of the tools the Fargo Forum will be using this year to depict the extent of flooding along the Red River.

  • Shane

    Question: Do you think people would be having the same reaction to a camera on a remote controlled helicopter if drones weren’t such a hot topic today?

  • Sam

    Bob, aside from the obvious savings of not employing a trained helicopter pilot, are drones considerably cheaper to purchase than copters? Is there fuel savings involved as well?

  • Bob Collins

    These little “Parrott” drones are about $300, I think. I’m not sure what the radio range is; I suspect not very far.

    I think I might buy one and try it out.

  • Ed

    Isn’t the FAA cracking down on the non-recreational use of unmanned aircraft? WCCO had a story last month on a local business that was grounded by the FAA. How is this any different?

    Also current unmanned aircraft are not really limited by radio range as they were 30 years ago when the FAA sorted out the rules for recreational model aircraft. Now the cost of auto-pilots are minimal and these unmanned aircraft can continue “controlled” flight without continuous radio link.