The place to get away from the arrival of spring

It’s hitting the 70s today and ice and snow is mostly a distant memory. But one Minnesota man can’t get enough of the Antarctica-like conditions of spring. So he’s in Antarctica.

Braedan McCluskey, a western Minnesota kid, is a graduate student in biology at the University of Oregon, studying the evolution of gene regulation.

Apparently, Antarctica is a good place to do that by studying bone loss in fish.

After a week-long boat trip, he’s arrived at Palmer Station, on the northern tip of Antarctica, where it’s currently 30 degrees, the wind is blowing at 30 mph, and the landscape looks a lot like Minnesota did until recently (here’s a webcam).


He’s documenting his endeavor on the blog, Brady In Antarctica: A Boat, A Pole, And Some Fish.


He may well be the only Minnesotan able to muster a smile this week while surrounded by snow, ice, and clouds.

(h/t: Steve Hemmingsen )