The Boston bombings in 60 seconds

For many people following the initial stages of yesterday’s attack in Boston, WBZ TV’s well-placed live camera was the the go-to source for what was going on. Even watched in real time, it was impressive how quickly all of those injured were rescued.

But today’s time-lapse video from the camera is even more impressive.

When I talked to my paramedic-son about this last night, he provided some fascinating information about why all the ambulances didn’t just crowd into the area. Normal protocol, he said, was to set up a staging area nearby, with somebody in charge dispatching only enough ambulances into a scene at the time, and removing people to the staging area. In that fashion, he observed, the ambulances and their crews don’t become the targets, thus crippling the rescue effort.

The more you watch this video, the more apparent the professional work of first responders is.