Would more women have prevented the sequester?

Let us consider this idea: If there were more women elected to office, there wouldn’t be a sequester and a budget problem right now?

CBS This Morning provided a fascinating panel of women opining on the subject today.

“Women strive for consensus, they collaborate better,” Jarrett said.

Valerie Jarrett, Condoleezza Rice, and Lesley Stahl all acknowledged that progress for women has been much greater than it often seems on a daily basis — “astounding,” Stahl said. The exception, they said, is in getting elected.

  • Pat

    I would like to believe that women strive for consensus and collaborate better. But I’ve not seen any data to suggest that is so. Are women Queen Bees out to squash others as many recent business stories claim? Or are we cooperative? Have there been any studies?

  • jon

    Headline: 9 out of 10 women agree women are better at meeting a consensus. In other news 10% of “Women” may be cross dressers.

  • David

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you that a room full of those looking to assume power would come up with reasons why they’d do a better job.

    Though I imagine a congress full of Michele Bachmann types would be an absolute delight.

  • Bonnie

    Absolutely! I cannot wait for more women to get into “high places” it will only get bett

    I do believe there are multiple studies out now about women improving effectiveness of corporate boards and contributing to higher results in terms of ethical behavior as well as profits.

    I will be happy when congress is 50:50. We have a ways to go.

    I thought this panel discussion was interesting… and I applaud Leslie Stahl for “trying” to get her point in at the end, that mothers should tell their daughters to go for it all. I agree…I am afraid that young women are backing off because someone said you “can’t have it all”. I don’t know what “it ” is but you certainly can have whatever YOUR “it” is.

  • John P.

    I do not see the women who are in congress doing any better job of building consensus than the men.

    If there is any truth to this stereotype, lets see a comprmise budget bill sponsored by the women in the house and senate.