Where the baseball is bad and the beer is cheap

We’re standing by waiting for the cost of beer to drop more at Target Field following news that the Boston Red Sox are dropping their beer prices this year.

It’s a significant move given that Fenway Park has been a license to print money in recent years with fans perfectly willing to shell out the highest average ticket price ($53.38) in all of baseball.

But then the bottom fell out of the team last year and the Red Sox are in the unfamiliar position of having to convince fans to attend games again. The team’s sell-out streak will end in April and the team is trying the reduced prices for the month to see if they work.

A 12-ounce cup of beer drops to $5, and hot dogs will be 2-for-1.

It’s the second franchise this off-season to announce cuts to the price of concessions — usually the biggest off-field complaint by fans. The Cleveland Indians dropped the price of beer to $4.

The Twins this year are cutting concession prices by 10 percent, which still puts the price of beer at the park above the average for all of baseball.

  • Kevin Watterson

    Which is to otherwise say the rip-off will be slightly less of a rip-off.

  • dittrich

    That 10% off of concessions is just for season ticket holders with the “Sweet Spot” cards.

    I’ve heard the Twins are announcing the new food & drink options at Target Field on Thursday. That would probably be when they would announce any sort of price reductions.

  • Hillary

    A couple years ago my brother and I went to a game shortly after we’d both moved, so we both had clipped drivers license. Turns out (a) the vendors at Target field won’t take clipped licenses and (b) baseball is just as much fun without the alcohol.