Water politics

If you pay attention to the label on many spring water bottles, you’d think the water comes from the base of a glacial mountain, captured carefully by young maidens, radiant from the health effects of the restorative powers of the natural juice the earth has provided.

Where does it really come from? In the case of Poland Spring (made famous recently by Marco Rubio), it comes from the town water supply of Fryeburg, Maine, where residents are plenty ticked off that the giant conglomerate behind the label wants 45-year dibs on the town’s water.

Like many small towns in New England, the water company is privately-owned and wants to lease water rights to Nestle for 45 years.

Late last week, the town turned out to urge regulators to block the lease with Nestle, which has already sued the small town five times.

  • vjacobsen

    Nestle is just plain awful. It’s bad enough they try to control your food intake from birth to death, but now they are taking over water supplies.

    That Nestle Boycott that started in the 70s is still alive and well, and even my 7 year old can tell you ALL about why we don’t buy Nestle.

    (And, man, I wish i could figure out how to hyperlink in posts.)