The mystery rings

The world is full of people just trying to do the right thing. This ring is proof:


Rick Dunn of Easton, Penn., haggled a bit with a merchant who had it in his shop in Vietnam.

“For me, this is only about returning the ring to its owner especially if it was tied to the war back in the early ’70s,” he wrote in an email to The Associated Press earlier this week.

He mailed it back to the school from where it came, probably around 1970. And there it sits, on the desk of a school official in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. Efforts to find the owner — alive or dead — have gone nowhere, the AP reports.

It’s one of two class rings in a developing mystery. The other one is in the possession of an Ohio man, who got it from a friend — a former Vietnamese war pilot — who bought it in a jewelry shop simply because he liked it. The ring has no identifying marks or initials. It only says Josten’s which isn’t much of a clue. The Minnesota company is the largest maker of class rings.