The form of government

There’s nothing quite so patriotic — occasionally entertaining, and, yes, sometimes loathsome — than the few minutes elected officials on municipal committees give to citizens to says whatever they want to say in the time allotted at the open forum portion of meetings.

In Fergus Falls, you’ll be needing one of these now.


The Fergus Falls Journal reports that the City Council and mayor have passed a new rule in the city that anyone who wants to speak in the council’s traditional “open forum,” will now have to fill out a form 24 hours in advance indicating what he/she wants to speak about and what he/she wants the Council to do about it.

The Council meets on Monday, so you’ll have to submit your form on Friday. Tough luck if something that happens in town on the weekend stirs you to action.

  • BJ

    I understand the form. Some people ramble and can’t get their point across so nice to have, but 24 hours. That is just plain stupid.

    I know why, they want to have staff or legal look at it so they are prepared. But still.