State of Hockey, indeed

Culled from today’s bill filings at the Minnesota House of Representatives:


$800,0000 is appropriated from the general fund to the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota in any fiscal year in which at least one men’s ice hockey game is conducted between the University of Minnesota and the University of North Dakota. The commissioner of management and budget shall release the funds to the Board of Regents upon certification by the university that a game has occurred, or that the two universities have agreed by contract that a game will occur during the fiscal year. The outcome of the game shall not affect the amount appropriated under this section.

  • MN 123

    WHAT? !!?

  • Matt B

    If you look up @RepRyanWinkler on Twitter, he’s answering questions about the bill. I don’t want to try and paraphrase him here and misinterpret what he is saying.

  • John O.

    I’m a big hockey fan and I can understand the author’s feelings about the U of M having to go to the Big Ten versus the WCHA.

    However…we do not have the money for this!

  • Bob Collins

    It’s not a serious bill. It’s just that time of year at the Cap.

  • BJ

    from twitter @RepRyanWinkler : To my conservative friends: the hockey tradition bill I introduced won’t actually happen. It’s a statement.

    This is why people hate politicians.