Running against time, and winning

The European Veterans Association championships are now over. The event gives slightly-older athletes an opportunity to participate in competition.

Of course, we all have our favorite memories of this year’s events in Spain, but who won’t remember where they were when they watched Emile Pauwels of Belgium make a furious comeback against Ilmari Koppinen of Finland in the 60-meter finals?

Pauwels had a distinct advantage; he’s a full year younger than the 95-year-old Koppinen.

  • corrie

    that was awesome!

  • Kassie

    Ralph Maxwell, a part time Minnesota resident (and my good friend’s Grandfather) is the current world record holder in the M90 Decathlon. At 91, he smashed the previous held world record in 101 degree heat. In the process, he also set a world record for the 80-meter hurdles for his age group.

    I on the other hand, get winded walking up three flights of stairs.

  • Bob Collins

    You’ve GOT to introduce me to him!

  • BJ

    Kassie I think we have the same friend! He now lives in Topeka, Kansas.

    Is that 1 degree or 2?