Mary and Bob (audio) – 3/13/13

Another effort to derail the same-sex marriage bill fails, efforts to increase the graduation rate, and the new pope and the non-Catholics who are intrigued by it all.

Here’s today’s news discussion with Mary Lucia on The Current.

  • Bose in St. Peter MN

    …a proposal to allow gay weddings in Minnesota…

    No matter how often a (religious) wedding ceremony and the signing of a (civil) marriage license have coincided in the history of Minnesota, please show me the statute which has ever disallowed the celebration of a same-sex wedding which was equal to every other wedding performed in the same place by the same officiant, apart from state recognition.

    weddings: church things

    marriage licenses: state things

    Language matters, right?

  • bonnie

    I hate to tell you all this…but follow the money. That is all there is.

  • BJ

    //Bose in St. Peter MN

    Any in front of a judge.

    Weddings happen all the time in front of state and county judges, they cant for same sex. Not all weddings are religious.

  • andy

    //Not all weddings are religious.

    My wedding certainly wasn’t religious, yet everyone there called it a wedding….