Knives, yes. Toothpaste, no

The Transportation Security Administration today changed its rule on what is allowed to be carried on board airliners.

Basically, these are now allowed:

2 TSA_Permitted Items final_Page_3.jpg

The TSA says you can now also bring on board ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, and golf clubs. Curiously, you can only bring on two golf clubs, forcing the would-be ne’er-do-well to bring along a caddy.

Hand grenades? Those are still banned. And they remain the single oddest thing that people consistently try to sneak on board airplanes, according to the TSA blog, which showed this haul from just one week last month.


Remember: This stuff (more than 3.4 ounces) remains a bigger threat than a knife…


  • tboom

    I’m really confused.

    Isn’t a box cutter, sort of, a short knife?

    Sort of – – – Just asking.

  • John P.

    Since they sealed the cockpits, a 9-11 style knife (or boxcutter) takeover of the plane is virtually impossible. This is long overdue.

  • andy

    Finally! I can now take my mini Swiss Army knife with me when I travel. I’m lost without that thing….

  • Tyler

    Focusing on what knives we can take on planes misses the forest for the trees, I think. TSA’s daily unwarranted, unproven, useless invasion of privacy is offensive and unconstitutional. It’s also a huge pain in the ass. Not to mention that the X-ray and millimeter wave machines have not be tested for medical safety.

    …and I’m not even riled up yet!

  • Bob Collins

    I think there’s another post-9/11 reality that never gets considered: The days of airline passengers sitting passively, in the belief that a hijacking will end peacefully, if they do are over.

    And it was over halfway through the events of 9/11.

  • tboom

    John, I get it, cockpits are sealed and a box cutter (or knife of any size) will never be used like it was on 9/11. And Bob, as soon as I heard what happened on United 93, I told a friend that the era of hijacking as we had known it was over.

    However weapons can be used in creative and unimaginable ways. Until 9/11 I never imagined how either a box cutter or a commercial airliner could be used. The point of my offhanded comment above is, a knife of any size is a weapon which could be put to a use nobody has yet dreamed up. Why allow weapons, no matter how wimpy, on a machine with so much destructive potential?