Giffords a true profile in courage

It’s hard to argue with the selection of this year’s winner of the JFK Library’s Profile of Courage Award.

It’s Gabrielle Giffords.

“The fact she went through this horrendous tragedy and recommitted herself to the political process” was the basis for her selection,Caroline Kennedy said this morning when announcing the award.

“Our definition of courage will evolve, and she embodies one of the most courageous people any of us have seen,” she said.

This week, the former congresswoman returned to the scene of the shooting, along with other people who could easily share in the award.

Last year’s award went to the three Iowa Supreme Court justices who, after striking down a ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional, were turned out of office.

  • MN123

    Yes, Ms. Giffords is truly courageous, and this award is appropriate. However, I believe that her husband, standing behind her both literally and figuratively, is also deserving of recognition. His journey is different, but still quite difficult. It must be challenging for him to see her putting herself out there, speaking out on this issue and perhaps increasing chances of becoming a target again.

  • Lily

    I agree….they are both worthy of great recognition….