Alright. Alright. They got it right

MPR News reporter Tim Posts video acknowledging his mistake on snow prediction for the latest storm allows me the opportunity to provide a, perhaps, unpopular observation: The weather forecasters, whom we delight in mocking, have been remarkably good this season at predicting storms. I can’t recall a single “miss.”

A few years ago , NewsCut had the Golden Snowball challenge, in which we had a contest to judge what meteorologist was consistently the most accurate when it came to forecasting snowfall amounts. We learned who that was at the time, and also learned a valuable lesson that we carry with us to this day: A lot of weatherpeople have remarkably thin skins, almost as thin as bloggers. We haven’t bothered with the contest since.

  • boB from WA

    Loved the “spoon-cam”.

  • BJ

    I recall the Golden Snowball – I liked it – didn’t one local weather dude comment on your posts.

  • Bob Collins

    Yes, Keith Marler over at Fox9. Good guy.