A little courtesy

This is National Common Courtesy Day, the good people at The Current, remind me today. A day for politeness and consideration to abound.

It’s not clear who started the day, although I did find a blog from a gentleman who wrote that he started it in 2007 with the goal of collecting stories of courtesy and kindness. But he never posted any. Take from that what you will.

In other news, prosecutors in Tampa have released this video of a school bus driver helping a special needs student off a bus.

The girl fell and fractured her ankle.

Prosecutors are charging the driver in last fall’s incident.

  • Chuck

    That is one bad bus driver. It’s too bad if he taints all drivers in people’s minds, but my experience has been that I can hardly count the number of times that bus drivers have gone out of their way to help people.

    On school buses, I’ve seen drivers who wait for straggling children to reach the door and many, many drivers who cheerfully say “hi” to the kids (and to parents waiting with their kids) as they get on board, even going so far as to learn their names.

    On public transit, I’ve seen drivers patiently explain which bus some poor lost soul should take to reach her destination safely; drivers who help newbies put their bikes in the carriers on front of the bus; drivers who help the guy in the wheelchair get situated in his spot; drivers who have mercy on the rider who forgot his wallet and doesn’t have cash or a transit card on him.

    Thank you, bus drivers, for your professionalism and courtesy.