Timewasters: Eagle cam


Times might be tough for the Minnesota moose but it’s fat city for the state’s eagles. The state now has more bald eagles than any of the lower 48 states.

The DNR has found one that it’s keeping an eye on, unveiling the Eagle Cam.

Curiously, this eagle has already laid three eggs. The DNR says it did so in January, about two months earlier than normal.

Eggs are incubated about 35 days, which puts the hatching any day now.

  • Jeff

    I saw two eagles flying around the Mississippi River near downtown St. Paul this afternoon. Another guy was watching them too. “Watching them never gets old” he said to me. I actually see them so often that it’s tempting not to stop and look at them for 30 seconds.

  • Dave S.

    Just checked it out. I can hardly see anything. How do you make the Klieg lights go on?

  • Bob Collins

    I often see one flying around the river near the Wakota Bridge. I slow down and gawk at them and I feel rather stupid for doing so until I look at other drivers and they’re doing the same thing.

    It’s sort of like texting for nature lovers, I guess.

  • Chuck

    I see lots of eagles, often during the winter, between Saint Peter and Mankato on highway 169 along the Minnesota River. I have seen many also just south of Carver, above the corn and beanfields, perched up in the windbreaks on the north sides of farmhouses or circling above the valley (again of the Minnesota River, near Belle Plaine). They have made an amazing comeback, and truly it is hard to get tired of watching them.