The plow driver everyone wanted fired

First this disclaimer: We here at NewsCut are nothing but appreciative of the work you snowplow drivers do and we acknowledge upfront that the person we’re about to tell you about is not representative of your profession.

That said, could there be a bigger jerk than this guy?

Mark Hussey, who plows the streets of Lowell, Mass., thought it would be a good idea to post videos on YouTube of his method of plowing cars and driveways in delivered with a twist. He’s since taken his YouTube videos down, but too late: the media found him .

Another TV station located the public servant and interviewed him. (follow link to watch video)

“If I can get some kind of enjoyment out of it, why not?” he told a radio station. “I really don’t care if I make more enemies.”

Today, the city fired him.

(h/t: Brian Hanf)

  • Paul

    A counter-anecdote from Rochester for you, Bob.

    I watched out my window this morning as the snowplow driver stopped, rolled down his window, and shouted something to my elderly neighbor shoveling her sidewalk across the street from me. Then he backed up, put down the scraper, and cleared the crud out of the base of her driveway.

    Why not give him kudos on air when you talk with Lucia this afternoon? 🙂

  • Tyler

    I’d fire him too. He came far too close to knocking some sideview mirrors off those cars.

  • Cara

    Tyler: My car was sideswiped by a plow two winters ago. Took off the side mirror and scraped the entire side. Here in Minneapolis!