The new Cold War

While much of the nation was consumed with the hacker takeover of Burger King’s Twitter account yesterday, the New York Times was busy dropping a bombshell that isn’t getting anywhere near the attention: China has begun to hack into critical infrastructure in the United States.

The report, released today, from the security firm Mandiant (download here) exposes a unit of the Chinese army responsible for hacking into organizations and institutions.

“As we watch these progress, the most interesting element was that some of the attacks have begun to go to companies that control infrastructure,” Times reporter David Sanger said today.

What kind of infrastructure? He says a company that designs the software for 70 percent of the gas and oil pipelines in North America, which dictate when valves are opened and closed, has been breached.

“They have all the tools in place to be destructive,” Sanger says.

America is “totally outnumbered” in the war, Bloomberg News reported last week.

  • BJ

    The New York Times article comment section proves that most people don’t understand how this stuff works. Speculation on the why they, the attacks, happen is also crazy.

  • Tyler

    Just to point out a differentiation I’ve seen elsewhere – the organization doing the hacking is party of the Chinese Communist Party, rather than an official part of the government itself.

    Although it’s probably a moot point anyway.