The Mississippi tornado up close

Tornado season is not yet upon us here in flyover country, but when it starts, remember: When you hear the tornado sirens, it means “grab the video camera and go have a look.”

There were no fatalities, but there certainly could have been with some.

Take this excerpt from today’s Christian Science Monitor:

Among those who felt lucky to be alive Sunday was 49-year-old Margie Murchison, who was visiting with a friend when her husband started screaming for them to take shelter from the approaching storm in a nearby culvert. They sprinted out of the house as debris flew around them and made it to the conduit that runs under the road. A tree crashed behind them as they made it to their hiding place.

“For a minute there, that wind was so strong I couldn’t breathe,” Murchison said.

For the record, there’s never been a recorded tornado in Minnesota in February.