The face of MPR


Every organization has a CEO who gets most of the publicity, but if you want to meet the real “face” of any company, stop at the front desk. That’s where the institution actually lives.

Today, a small band of MPR News pals honored ours. She’s Charli Banks (the one everyone else is trying and failing to look shorter than in the above picture), who has staffed the front desk at Minnesota Public Radio for 30 years as of today.

She sees all the famous people who come through and, from what I can tell, excels at not asking for autographs, gawking, or pretending they’re any more special than all the little people who walk through the door who, from what I can tell, she views as pretty special.

Just like her.

  • brad

    I interned a few years ago and miss saying hi to Charli everyday! When little people can’t even walk through the door because they forgot their badge – she’ll buzz you in.

  • Mary L.

    Congratulations Charli! You have been so patient with all MPR staff and guests…you’re a treasure!

  • Silvester Vicic

    Charli is one of the most important people at MPR; like the late Mr. Sports, Mr. Action, Mr. Jim Ed Poole, she knows all, tells only some…she’s stern when she needs to be, but a lovely, caring and NICE person. Congratulations to Charli for making MPR a more hospitable place. Thank you Bob for putting her in the spotlight.

  • cookiemonster

    Charli is a wonderful person and her years of service should not go under-appreciated or unnoticed. Thank you, Charli!

    But if you look in the back of the photo, there is another face of MPR that is missing from your report: Adam Caillier, who *these days* is more often at the front desk.

    I just felt it would be rude not to mention the person Charli has handed the baton off to (she is more behind the scenes these days), because he is a valuable part of the team as well. Thanks to Adam for his service to MPR as well.

  • Tricia Sargent

    Thanks Bob for spotlighting our favorite front desk person. MPR wouldn’t be the same without Charli!