The coolest astronaut

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield may be close to the coolest person ever to go into space.

Hadfield, who is the next commander on the International Space Station, posts streams of pictures on his Facebook and Twitter page (ignoring requests for shots of Minnesota, but we’re letting that slide for now), conducted a live chat with Captain Kirk this week, and now has joined the group Barenaked Ladies.

“Chris and I were able to write a song together while he was training in Russia for the mission that he’s currently on and then we were able to record the song with him in space. It’s really incredible when you think about it,” Barenaked Ladies Ed Robertson told CBC News.

  • Susan Jaap


  • Mike murphy

    Literally out of this world. The first professional collaboration in pop music history between earth and space. Canadians are cool.

  • MR

    How did they handle the slight delay of transmission from the space station to the ground?

  • andersm0

    A great song along with a splendid performance. Very proud to be Canadian.

  • laurie

    A merger of 2 of my favorite things. Space and BNL!

  • Eric Tarkington

    That was extremely cool.

    MR asks a good question: how did they perform despite transmission delay for the long distances? We’re accustomed to big lags and horrible audio in interviews with the space station, but I think that’s from the equipment, not speed of light. With line of sight radio, propagation delay shouldn’t be more than a few milliseconds, too quick to interfere with music.

    Some guys I once worked with are the real experts, but I think I’m making a reasonable guess here.

  • John Goulet

    Thats far But how on earth (pardon the pun) did Chris manage to get a guitar on board? and what make is the guitar Im sure gibson or whoever the manufacturer is could make mileage with this gig. Oh yeah, by the way, Ed and Chris, nice song!! and Chris you sounded like you have done this before, good job!

  • Janice

    This is awesome…literally!!

    …had me tearing up!

  • Sylvia Provenski

    Another Canadian first! Congrats Chris and Ed, this was amazing! Makes me so proud to be Canadian!