It was 33 years ago…

It was 33 years ago today that the United States men’s Olympic hockey team beat the Soviet Union, and moved on to play in the gold medal game at Lake Placid.

It remains one of the most inspirational sports moments in American history, partly because of the politics of the time, but also because at least one U.S. Olympic sport hadn’t yet been polluted by the presence of professional athletes. In that sense, we may never see another moment like the “miracle on ice.”

We may never hear of another coach’s speech like the one Herb Brooks gave that afternoon…

  • Drae

    Am I the only one who thinks Kurt Russell got screwed out of an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Herb Brooks? It was a perfect performance, and the speech still gives me chills. And all the groovy pants, too.

  • Dale

    You are right Bob, it was different time and place – cold war still going on, not having won or even medaled since 1960, US only using college age players – no professionals while other countries did.

    I remember not being able to wait for the re-broadcast that evening. I was able to find a radio station – very faint and scratchy that had the game on I will never forget the feeling of excitement and pride when they one this game! It is one of the greatest moments in US Sports history.

  • David Digatono

    It would be impossible for me to figure out which presentation made me shiver more. U.S.A. always and forever! The kid brought tears to my eyes.