Ya, sure, we don’t care about the cold

It was probably great for the Minnesota “brand” that CBS waited until today — when the cold wave hit the East Coast — to run a national piece on last week’s pond hockey tournament in Minneapolis, thus reinforcing the myth that we don’t even notice such trivial things as subzero temperatures.

Leave it to the vastly overrated Gayle King to somehow relate pond hockey to grown men going to a Bruce Sprinsteen concert.

  • Kassie

    It was a real nice story, but I think people from around the country would think, of course they play ICE hockey outside when it is cold. I’d like them to come to the more ridiculous events we have outside, like the parade and beer dabbler this weekend, the kite festival or the art shanties project to see that we really do try to take winter in stride up here in fly over country. I mean, why on earth would you put art installations on the ice in winter when there are perfectly nice indoor spaces for that sort of thing.

  • Bob Collins

    Up in Duluth this week, they closed a hockey rink. It was too cold, they said.

  • Robert Moffitt

    That was a nice feature. I enjoyed it, and I don’t care a wit about hockey, pond or otherwise.