Wisconsin sheriff: Get in the game with a gun

It’s hard to know whether Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke is seriously trying to get his citizens to arm themselves or just trying to call attention to cutbacks in his department, but his radio ad certainly has caused a stir in Wisconsin.

Here’s the ad:

“Apparently, Sheriff David Clarke is auditioning for the next Dirty Harry movie,” Jodie Tabak, Mayor Tom Barrett’s spokeswoman, said.

An anti-gun group says Clarke is promoting vigilantism. A pro-gun group tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Unless you can take care of yourself, you’re kind of SOL.”

  • blevins


    ……that lefty libs like to call it “vigilantism” whenever a citizen takes his responsibility to protect himself seriously.

    You do know, don’t you, that it is your duty to protect yourself…..not the police department’s.

    No law enforcement agency, now or at any time throughout history, has ever been organized with the idea of taking over from the citizens their duty to protect themselves.

    The protection of self and family is YOUR responsibility Do it…..anyway you see fit (and legal)….but do it. Today, and every day.

  • Tim

    You are aware that the Police do not have to answer 911 calls, don’t you? What he’s saying is the same as Police around this nation have said, from California to Milwaukee, you are responsible for your own protection. I know with all the termoil over Newton, no one seems to care that we kill kids everyday w/those so called ‘hereos’ in the military, even Madilene Albright is on record saying 500,000 kids were worth it. So when criminals who don’t register the guns (look at Chicago for an example) don’t care, you should be responsible for your protection, it’s called the 2nd Amendment.

  • kennedy

    Yes, this is what we need. The chief peace officer getting people amped up on fear and then telling them to get a gun. An armed population, living in fear of each other, ready to open fire when spooked: sounds like a great community to live in.

  • James

    Time and again, Wisconsin gives me reasons to not visit.

    It’s a pity, I used to enjoy going there.