What happened in North Mankato?

This video from KEYC in Mankato is some of the most dramatic we’ve seen lately.

Yesterday, police went to a home in North Mankato to check on a resident there.

Hours later, the person inside was dead and it’s not at all clear –yet — why:

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It’s not clear who was doing the shooting.

The Mankato Free Press described the scene in its story today, suggesting that the man inside — where guns were said to be present — wasn’t talking:

For most of the next three hours, the only sounds were the repetitious calls over a loudspeaker: “We need to make contact with you. Please come to a door or window.”

A few minutes later: “You’re not in any trouble. We need to make sure you are safe.”

Later still: “We’re here to help you. Please make contact with us.”

After 1 p.m: “Please come to a door or a window. We need to make sure you’re OK. Your family is concerned about you.”

At 1:37 p.m.: “If you want us to go away, you’re going to have to talk to us. We’re not going anywhere.”

Assault rifles were trained on the house throughout the stand-off.

Police promise to answer questions today. There are obviously plenty of them. It’s worth keeping in touch with the Free Press website today.

Update: The Free Press reports the man fired at officers several times and had made homicidal threats.

  • Greg W

    What in the hell happened here? Those gunshots were incredibly bizarre and kind of disturbing.

  • Bob Collins

    Duke: there was nothing in the post that indicated anything other than there was no answers to what happened. Your bring your own biases to your reading.

    Just curious, though, with your expertise and all. Do you think it would’ve been possible yesterday to say “he shot at us first?”.

  • Matthew Quinn

    Lets see… Someone lives on a parcel of land that is worth untold amount of money that has been pasted down for generations, and the old man is still living on the land. A call goes in for the police to talk to the old man via a welfare check, and add in has weapons. Wonder how many times Lloyd has be approached for sale of this land? Now the police have been knocking at the door because someone has been calling in to them to check on him. He didn’t commit a crime, he was harassed to the point of reacting… Sure using a gun against police was a bad one, but they had him backed into a corner… I have to wonder who this benefited, Who profited to this use of police force?! Ask yourself that question…