What happened in North Mankato?

This video from KEYC in Mankato is some of the most dramatic we’ve seen lately.

Yesterday, police went to a home in North Mankato to check on a resident there.

Hours later, the person inside was dead and it’s not at all clear –yet — why:

KEYC – Mankato News, Weather, Sports –

It’s not clear who was doing the shooting.

The Mankato Free Press described the scene in its story today, suggesting that the man inside — where guns were said to be present — wasn’t talking:

For most of the next three hours, the only sounds were the repetitious calls over a loudspeaker: “We need to make contact with you. Please come to a door or window.”

A few minutes later: “You’re not in any trouble. We need to make sure you are safe.”

Later still: “We’re here to help you. Please make contact with us.”

After 1 p.m: “Please come to a door or a window. We need to make sure you’re OK. Your family is concerned about you.”

At 1:37 p.m.: “If you want us to go away, you’re going to have to talk to us. We’re not going anywhere.”

Assault rifles were trained on the house throughout the stand-off.

Police promise to answer questions today. There are obviously plenty of them. It’s worth keeping in touch with the Free Press website today.

Update: The Free Press reports the man fired at officers several times and had made homicidal threats.