The art of ‘serious fishing’

From the “Things We Didn’t Know Until Today” file comes word that there’s a godfather of ice fishing. And, naturally, he’s from Minnesota.

But we had to learn this fact from New Hampshire, which this week is learning a thing or two from Dave Genz, according to New Hampshire Public Radio.

The fish and game boss in the Granite State seems to be embracing the Midwest way.

“You know, Yankee mentality,” he muses, “What’s worked for my grandfather will work for me. But you know we’re starting to see the evolution change over here with some of the young guns coming out. So for the next generation coming up that’s more instantaneous, the video game folks, this is perfect.”

Genz suggested that New Hampshire fishermen on the lake he was at aren’t serious fishermen because of the way they do their business.

Apparently, they just sit there and fish instead of using sonar and technical goodies to swing luck in their favor.