Science and cold weather

If summer is so great around here, where are all the videos of the cool science experiments you can do with it?

Winter? Every day is another classroom of things you can do with the cold.

Like freeze T-shirts…

Anyone who’s forgotten to turn the dryer on after putting wet clothes from the washer into it on a cold day can end up with the same result, just not in 4 minutes.

Speaking of the cold, photographs like this of a Chicago warehouse on the morning after a huge fire made the rounds yesterday.


The amazing thing? Firefighters had to go back today because the fire started up again.

Firefighters say the weight of the ice may collapse the building.

Now that’s an experiment!

  • Tom Anderson

    Is the Lift Bridge supposed to look like a Star Wars Storm Trooper? (or is it just me?)

  • Scott


    Scott – Duluth