Public Radio humor: The baby makers

Public Radio, which is slowly erasing its humorless image, may be about to wipe away the last vestige of earnestness in its midst: the membership drive.

WBEZ in Chicago — the This American Life people — is launching a ‘campaign’ to encourage Chicagoans to have more babies to support its 2032 membership drive.


The station is offering a Facebook app to connect people with “similar interests” to make the process a little easier.

Poynter’s blog indicates there could be a problem. The average age of NPR listeners is 49.

  • Kassie

    What’s the average age of MPR listeners? I imagine the average age here is younger because of The Current. Or maybe not?

  • BJ

    I realize it doesn’t start till Friday, but Facebook says only 1 friend and 35 others use the app.

  • KTFoley

    A note for both this post and the comments on today’s 5×8: As one who is not that young anymore but not that old yet, may I say how enjoyable is 91.1’s new weekend schedule?

    MPR could shave DAYS from the pledge drive by letting the audiences know that their funds could decide whether to press on with the new shows or fall back to the triple-broadcast of PHC.

    Six hours of GK on Saturday & Sunday was just too much.