Nothing like a good political tirade

First Chris Christie hugs Barack Obama a couple of weeks before last November’s election, now the New Jersey governor has nothing good to say about House Republicans after they torched a vote on a bill for federal aid for his hurricane-stricken state.

Hurricane Sandy got some of the blame/credit for the results of November’s election. It could influence 2016 too.

Christie noted — accurately — that New Jersey is one of the few states that gives the federal government more money than it gets back. Most states that don’t are Republican states, by the way.

  • BJ
  • Robert Moffitt

    It’s been a tough week for the Speaker and House leadership.

    After failing to deliver solutions to the arbitrary deadline they created for themselves, they seek to avoid a severe stock market reaction by passing — 24 hours late — a lite version of the Senate’s modest bill that buys a little more time and raises taxes only on the richest Americans.

    Rather predicatably, they get slammed from both sides of the political spectrum. Worse, they leave out the Sandy relief funding the Senate overwelmingly approved.

    Did anyone NOT see this coming from the plain-talking Christie? Not to mention the other lawmakers, GOP and Dem alike, whose districts suffered heavy damage by the storm.